viernes, 18 de mayo de 2012

Maurice Sendak
When you are three days with no iPhone, you need to go to your laptop to check emails, Facebook, blog, and you don't miss it = you are starting to rest!

jueves, 17 de mayo de 2012

Not Upside Down Anymore

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Princess Poppy and the Magic Mirror

Once upon a time lived a beautiful Princess called Poppy who was loved by everyone who knew her. And even though she had a privileged life, she never took this for granted, but worked hard and diligently to make her own way in the world.

The Princess had many adventures in her life. She married young and bore to beautiful girls who she loved and cherished. She create many beautiful Inge and visits wonderful places. Then, one day, she was presented with an adventure in a far away land.

Unbeknown to anyone else, the Princess had a magic hand mirror, which she sometimes used when seeking answers. When she was offered the new adventure she consults her mirror and it's enthusiastic reply was 'Of course! what's stopping you? Let's go now!'

So princess Poppy packed up her life, kissed her family goodbye, and journeyed over mountains and seas to the place of her new adventure. At first she enjoyed her time in the new land. She entered her the world like a gust of fresh air, stirring up the debris, sweeping it out and bringing in new life. She helped create beautiful things, for she loved being surrounded by beauty, and she embraced those around her and included in her magic.

But soon, her journey turned sour. Clouds gathered overhead and blue skies turned grey. She consulted her mirror but it only told her what she already knew - she had a job to do and it needed to be done. So she continued on but a light rain began to fall and her heart was heavy.

The Princess continued to work her magic but she felt her life force leaking from her, like raindrops from a cloud. She struggle to leave her bed in the morning. At night she tossed and turned, waiting for sleep come. Each day she consulted her mirror and each day it told her she had a job to do.

Then one day, when she felt she might not be able to go on, princess Poppy picked up her mirror and asked, "What should I do?" And this time it answered, 'I think you know the answer." she thought long and hard and nodded, and the image in the mirror nodded back. The Princess knew that there was nothing more she could do and that her adventures was at an end. She drew those she loved close to her and begged their forgiveness. But there was nothing to forgive.

She packed her mirror and returned to the land of her family and slept manny long hours, feeling her body come alive again under the playful warm breeze of her homeland and the love and attention of her family and friends.

Time passed and the Princess was fully recovered from her adventure to the far away land. But there was something that puzzled her, so she thought the King's counsel to discuss here dilemma. The King loved his favorite daughter, so he sat patiently and listened to her story.

"Every time I consulted the magic mirror, it told me to stay," she said.

He nodded.

"Then, finally, it told me I could go. How does the mirror have the power to know such wise things?" she asked.

Her father chuckled and patted her hand lightly.

"Poppy", he said, "the wisdom of the mirror belongs to you. What you have is just a normal mirror. But if you look deep within yourself, you will also know the right answer."

Princess Poppy smiled. She was ready for another adventure.


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Ubicación:Singapore/London up in the air

lunes, 14 de mayo de 2012


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Ubicación:Kings Way,South Melbourne,Australia

Jeannette Rowe's house, Poppy arrives and Jeannette has paella underway.

"No! Give me an apron! I cook!"

It was delicious ...

Mathew dixit

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My last Sunday in Melbourne.
Cloudy, grey, raining.
Walking down Chapel St.
Brunch @ Three Monkeys.
Mothers Day.
Families together.
Sharing food, love, moments.

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