jueves, 26 de julio de 2012

Poppy's 50 Party

Gracias a Mariano, mis niñas, Tolo, mama, mis amigos, por hacer un sueño realidad.
Noche mágica, llena de ilusión y alegría.
Thanks to Mariano, Tolo, Pitusi, my daughters and fritnds, for making a wish come true.
Midsummer night dream.

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sábado, 14 de julio de 2012


Thanks to Zenaida my friend were I've been staying, going and coming back, from her amazing resort in Menorca.
Where I've been able to rest, sleep, have nice and long swims in the sea, I've enjoyed the sun.
The company of turtles, donkeys, hens, dogs and hedgehog.
Long walks at dawn and siestas of two hours!!

Already two months in Spain

It isn't the best of the scenes, they are waxing my legs while I'm updating my blog.

Two months have passed since I arrive:

To Jesus Christ, King post
A Rey muerto, Rey puesto

Still missing our project in FMP and the amazing team.
A big team that although I'm in the other size of the world we keep in contact.

Still my parcel in Scoresby and God k ones till when.
It can't take long to make a decision¿? Or maybe I should remember it can.

My CV has been updated, I've had to sessions with my coacher but still don't have the strength to start networking.

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Poppy's 50

Se me fue de las manos ;(

I was very proud of myself. I had found a website were I could design the invitations, people would reply there and it will update who had answer.

Yesterday on the way to Mas Roure Vell, my friends house were the party would be held. In the car with my sister, Paloma, and an amazing friend, Pitusi, we decided to go through the list and check who would be coming.
Suddenly Paloma says: I'm counting and it comes out to 86!!! Not 56 as we thought!
Shock! Shocked!! And stunned, what the hell was going on???
The system had count the person that had confirmed, that's what I saw!! And also had head count the assistants, and I hadn't check that.
It has taken me 24 hours to assimilate it and realize we will have to cook for a 50% more of people.
Thanks God we came out with this disastrous news yesterday and not next Saturday when the people arrived.
Can you imagine, if we had cooked and placed 56 people and we realized there were 86¿?

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viernes, 6 de julio de 2012

Can Zenon

Días de paz, descanso, amor, naturaleza, amistad.
Gracias Zen por compartir tu maravilloso mundo conmigo.


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