domingo, 4 de agosto de 2013

London Based Metal Worker

London based Metal Worker
Carlota Simo uses welding as a technique to create steel sculptures that are like drawings in space. She uses geometrical lines and curves trying to create lightness of composition that contrasts with the heaviness of such an industrialized material. Her current work are sculptures made out of sourced metal from scrap yards around London. She works in a dynamic way: cutting, grinding and welding in a continuous way until something that has balance rises up. Artists such as David Smith, Tatlin or Julio Gonzalez are her main inspiration. Her aim, looking only at artists from the past generation, is to bring back those techniques and mould them into her own personal language according to the present time. She adopts a formal approach considering geometrical shapes and lines, how these interact with the open space and how each of us can relate them to our own personal experience. She strives for elegance and subtleness. Recently working with bigger scale, she is challenging her self mentally and physically, trying to achieve those terms in a broader tangible space.

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